Late Spring Wedding at The Conservatory 5.28.16

When I think of Allison, all I think of is amazing. I had a hell of a lead up to my wedding, I moved across the country and was holding my wedding 2,000 miles away. Allison was my person on the ground doing all my stuff for me. I have never met someone so amazing and helpful before in my life. I almost forgot she was helping me with my wedding planning and started to consider her just a good friend and would talk to her about anything. If I was stressed out I knew I could vent really quick to Allison before getting down to what we can do instead to help fix the problem. We had Skype meetings with vendors, we did the tasting over Skype even. That is really awesome thing when you have someone willing to do multiple wedding vendor meetings for you but then also willing to have you be there remotely via Skype. That is just awesome. At the end of the night for my wedding I kept asking people if they had a chance to meet her just because of how awesome she was. Also, if your florist cancels on you 12 days before the wedding while you are moving across the country, you can count on Allison to save your ass and make it perfect. We considered her our best wedding investment. 

Ashley B.


Spring Wedding at Christ Church Cathedral 5.21.16

Having Allison be part of our special day was the best decision we made throughout the entire wedding process. Allison is such a beautiful person inside and out and without her our day would not have been as magical as it ended up. We had a few hiccups occur throughout the day and Allison went above and beyond to correct the issues and she did it in a way that did not add any extra stress on me or my family. Allison did more for us then I ever expected, she is truly an amazing person and is really top notch at her job. I would recommend Allison to any bride, you will not be disappointed and you will be so glad to have her on your wedding day!

Cassidy B.


Summer Wedding at City Museum 6.20.15

Allison did an awesome job helping me with my day of wedding coordination, she actually did a lot more than I ever expected of her. I was unsure if I wanted to spend the extra cash for a wedding planner but it was the best decision I ever made. Allison called all my vendors to make sure they were prepared for wedding date, coordinated a schedule /timeline for vendors and for my bridal party, set up my candy bar, calmed my nerves, got me a fan when I got hot, unpacked and packed up all my wedding decorations and things that needed to be returned to vendors, etc., etc., etc. I could go on and on!!! She is awesome, not to mention just a really nice, down to earth person, who listens carefully and makes your vision come to life. I could not have done it without her and her assistant and I truly appreciate all they did. I highly recommend her services, could not be happier with her!

Lynn S.

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